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Walter has introduced the DC170, a new type of solid carbide, internally cooled drill that raises the bar in terms of performance, stability and reliability in the drilling of ISO-P and ISO-K materials. Its unique appearance, with an innovative land design that orients the margins radially and with a copper-color finish (DPP Coating), provides exceptional performance.The design of the lands is a key factor in this performance, thanks to their shallow cooling grooves at the drill end. The coolant flow encompasses the entire drill point, producing optimal cooling of both the drill and the workpiece interface, and inhibits chip packing. This is particularly important given the high temperatures generated during drilling.

The new drill’s design features also adds more material behind the cutting edge which makes the drill sturdier than conventional designs, thus boosting tool life stability and process reliability. Additionally, this superior ability to control the coolant flow contributes to an excellent surface finish that helps users avoid reworking holes after drilling. The innovative alignment of the new lands-design results in significantly smoother drill operation, reducing vibration to a minimum, which also enhances hole quality. The superior "guidance" that this provides is particularly important during deep-hole drilling where cross holes and inclined exits are involved.DC170 drills feature eight visible cooling grooves, and these can be used as a scale for regrinding. The drills can be reconditioned up to three times, until only two cooling grooves are left remaining. Users who make full use of this now-visible regrinding potential can lower their tooling and overall production costs. Walter is initially offering the DC170 in sizes of 16xD and 20xD.


  • land design that orients the margins radially
  • copper-color finish
  •  sizes of 16xD and 20xD

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