Solid State Relays and Contactors


Carlo Gavazzi is proud to announce our new RGC2 and RGC3 Series of 3-phase switching solid state relays and contactors.  They are an addition to our existing RGC1 single phase series of solid state relays and contactors, providing an innovative solution for 2 and 3-pole switching of 3-phase loads. The product is intended to replace electromechanical contactors when switching speeds are quite frequent. Their compact size, easy installation and flexible configuration make these devices the ideal solution, especially when retrofitting. The RGC Series of solid state relays and contactors are designed for switching resistive as well as inductive loads and are UL Listed as Motor Controllers. Reliable operation is ensured by means of the integrated overvoltage protection, high I2t ratings and immunity conformance to industrial standards.  Additionally, an innovative thermal design improves the product lifetime.    

RGC2 and RGC3 Series devices are available in two frame sizes: 54mm or 70mm wide. RGC2, the 2-pole switching device, offers three current ratings of 25, 40 and 75AAC per pole at 40°C. While RGC3, the 3-pole switching device, offers five current ratings ranging 20 to 65Amps per pole. Optional monitoring feature offers possibility of detecting status of mains and load, as well as internal RGC failures: open or short circuit and overheating. Alarming is implemented with LED indication, electromechanical relay output and auxiliary transistor output.    RGC Series solid state relays and contactors are a ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution, mainly targeting Plastics & Rubber, Packaging & Wrapping, HVAC and Food & Beverage markets. 

Features include: 

  • 3-Phase solid state switching devices
  • Integral heat sink with robust metal DIN rail adapters
  • Ratings up to 600VAC and 75Amps per phaseUL certified motor ratings of up to 25Hp at 600VAC
  • UL SCCR rating of 100kA with J class fuses
  • cULus listed, CE compliant


  •  easy installation
  • two frame sizes
  • integral heat sink
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