Solid-State UV Laser for Drilling and Micromachining Applications


The new AVIA 355-7 from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) (Nasdaq: COHR) is a Q-switched, frequency-tripled, solid-state laser delivering over 7 Watts of average power at 355 nm, in a package designed to maximize reliability for a minimum cost of ownership. The highest average power is achieved at repetition rates near 60 kHz, but the laser can be operated at pulse rates as high as 100 kHz, enabling very high throughput micromachining processes. Pulse width is less than 30 ns to minimize peripheral thermal effects in these applications. The AVIA 355-7 also delivers superior beam quality and high pulse-to-pulse stability. Both OEMs and end-users will benefit from the high product reliability and 2-year warranty of this fully RoHS-compliant laser.

This new model has evolved from earlier AVIA ultraviolet lasers, which have an installed base of several hundred units in the microelectronics industry alone. Numerous innovative features ensure that the AVIA 355-7 delivers superior performance and reliability, especially when compared to competitive products. These new features include an automated crystal shifter, which results in uniform power output over the life of the laser, and an improved THG crystal life of 60,000 hours. The AVIA 355-7 also includes several automated stabilization mechanisms (First-pulse suppression, ThermEQ™, PulseEQ™, and PulseTrack™) to ensure total control of the pulse energy, i.e., power on demand. In addition, the laser’s unique Posilock™ beam position sensor and feedback loop results in very high beam-pointing stability (<25 ?rad/°C) over the life of the laser.

The combination of high pulse energy and high repetition rate make this an ideal laser for a variety of micromachining applications in the microelectronics industry. These include via-hole drilling, chip singulation, scribing and dicing of silicon and low-K materials, and solar cell micromachining. The characteristics of the AVIA 355-7 are also well-suited to the drilling, cutting, and scribing of ceramics.


• Wavelength (nm)354.7 • Pulse Width (ns)<35 up to 60 kHz • Pulse-to-Pulse Stability (RMS 1σ)<5% up to 80 kHz • Average Power Stability<±2% (1σ) over 8 hours • Average OutputPower (W)7 at60 kHz • Polarization Ratio2- >100:1 Horizontal • Spatial Mode2- TEM00 (M2 <1.3) • Beam Divergence Full Angle2(mrad) - <0.3 • Beam Pointing Drift 3(μrad/°C) - <25 • 1/e2 Beam Diameter 2 (mm) - 3.5 ±10% • Beam Circularity> - 85%
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