Sound Meter Features Real Time Analyzer To Reduce Test Times


CEL-620B wide-range (20 to 140 dB) integrating sound meter features real time octave band frequency analysis from 16 Hz to 16 kHz,  along with a full-color LCD that presents overall  noise levels in numerical and graphical formats.

Designed for safety compliance and exposure monitoring, the new CEL-620B digitally measures the sound level in factories, refineries, construction sites or other industrial workplaces where noise is a concern. In addition to assuring compliance to government regulations, such as OSHA, ACGIH and NIOSH, it helps occupational hygienists in identifying and eliminating noise factors. By displaying the previous one-minutes trend of occurrences, the meter makes it easy to pinpoint significant events when levels change from a lower background value. A thermometer style bar graph assists in reading noise parameters during a run.
 Although priced in the mid-range meter class, the CEL-620B has features found in instruments costing hundreds of dollars more.  At the top of the list is its capability to measure three broadband levels plus the 11 octave bands over the whole audio range simultaneously in parallel. Based on digital signal processing, this simultaneous recording eliminates the need to go back and re-measure the noise to get the result set required for a thorough survey. In addition, overall test results that are far more reliable and accurate than those from traditional sound levels meters with sequential octave band analysis. Both graphical bar chart and tablular listing displays are available.


• Acousticaccuracy: ANSIS1.4&S1.43Type2orType1,IEC61672-12002-5 • Dependingonmicrophonecapsulefittedtometer • Octavefilterscomplywith:ANSIS1.111986Order3type0C,EN61260:1996Class0 • ReferenceConditions: 68°F(20°C)airtemperature, • 65%RelativeHumidity, • 1013mbar(101.325kPa)atmosphericpressure. • OperatingTemperatureRange: 32to104°F(0to40°C) (Class2) • EffectofHumidity: Lessthan±0.5dBovertherange30to90%RH • (non-condensing),relativetovalueatref.conditions • Operatingpressurerange:650to1080mbar(65to108kPa) • Noisefloor(AweighteddB):<25dBfortype1,<33dBfortype2 • Broadbandfrequencyresponse(-3dBpoints):6Hzto20kHz • SamplingfrequencyforDSPcalculations(Hz):67,200 • Batteries:3xAAAlkalineorrechargeabletypes • BatteryLife:(hours)Upto20hourswithbacklightoff • Dimensionswxhxd:(in/mm) • 2.8x9.0x1.2in(71.5x229.0x31.0mm) • includingfixedpreamplifierandmicrophone • Weightincludingbatteries:(oz/gm)10.4oz(<290g) • TripodsocketforfixedmeasurementsYesviastandardcamerathread(1/4”size) • Operatorcontrols: ButtonsforpowerOn/Offand2xcontextsensitive • menuselection+4navigationandconfirmbuttons
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