Space-Saving 2-Pole Solid-State Relays


RK Series relays provide solutions that minimize space requirements without compromising performance.


Series consists of solid-state relay solutions have two poles in a single housing. It gives the option of having the two poles controlled independently or simultaneously. The latter offers the cost-effective solution for economy switching of three-phase loads. RK Series SSRs are ideal for reliable switching of resistive loads.


This new series extends the current ratings of two pole solid state relays to 75 AAC per pole with a proper heat sink and provides output screw terminals for secure connectivity of cables with ferrules, ring or fork terminals.


RK Series SSR features:

  • Two pole switching, up to 75A per pole
  • 600VAC output voltage rating
  • 4-32VDC control
  • Options for common and independent control
  • Plug or Connector control terminal
  • Pre-attached thermal pad
  • UL recognized, CSA, CE, VDE approved
  • UL 100,000 endurance test
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