Space-Saving, All-in-One Actuator Solution


ACSI integrated servo motor creates a space-saving, integrated servo motor/drive/controller electric actuator solution for single-axis applications.


Integrating the drive/controller into the servo motor saves space on the machine by eliminating the drive box. Designed for easy-to-use, cost-effective servo control, the ACSI servo motor controller is ideal for replacing pneumatic cylinders and automating other axes of motion.


With built-in configurations for all of Tolomatic's electric actuators, the ACSI servo motor control creates linear motion quickly and easily in the desired linear units (mm or inch) via a USB or Ethernet port. Additionally, the ACSI supports a rotary axes and third-party actuator control.


Available in two sizes (NEMA 23 & 34), the ACSI features:

  • easy-to-use operating modes such as digital I/O index moves, analog position (0-10Vdc or 4-20mA), ODVA™ conformant EtherNet/IP™ and Modbus TCP
  • standard IP65 rating
  • industry standard M12 connectors
  • dual Ethernet ports with LED indicators
  • USB programming port
  • designed to be controlled from a PLC or master controller via 24-v dc digital I/O, 0-10 v dc or 4-20 ma analog I/O, EtherNet/IP, or Modbus TCP
  • dual-port Ethernet implementation allows for many drives to be daisy-chained and controlled by a PLC or master controller
  • EtherNet/IP and Modbus TCP also allows for infinite position capability
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