Space-Saving G-Series Servo Drives and Motors


Omron Electronics addresses machine builder concerns about how to reduce the complexity of applying servo drives and achieve faster start-up and more reliable operation in a smaller package with the new R88D-GN and GT Series servo drives and R88M-G Series servo motors. ractical functionality featuring, high speed motion control network capabilities, real-time auto-tuning and adaptive vibration suppression shorten startup time to achieve reliable performance. Simple auto-tuning eliminates the need for complicated adjustments and shortens start-up time. Omron's adaptive vibration suppression reduces the amount of vibration as work travels between positions, shortening positioning time and improving accuracy for higher productivity. The G-Series servo drives are available with high-speed network drive (-GN) or standard analog/pulse output (-GT) and wide range of R88M-G servomotors.

The R88D-GN models exchange data via high speed MECHATROLINK-II motion control bus to simplify wiring and troubleshooting, and reduce installation and maintenance costs. Single bus connection, allows parameters to be set and monitored simultaneously for multiple drives.

The G-Series servos were designed to reduce machine builder costs in labor and stocking. Multiple servo drives can be set with the same parameters and reduce start-up time by using the copy function built into the hand-held keypad and the configuration software. By changing the command control mode, designers can match the application and required precision by choosing position control, speed control or torque control.

Unique among automation suppliers, Omron can deliver a complete, cost-effective solution incorporating PLC-based or stand-alone motion controls and HMIs, and programming all the pieces from one Microsoft Vista-compatible software suite, CX-One. Market comparisons of software costs place CX-One at one-third the cost of PLC software alone and one-tenth the cost of using separate software packages to accomplish Motion, PLC and HMI programming.

Omron’s G-Series servo drives are available with high-speed network drive (-GN) or standard analog/pulse output (-GT) in 50 W to 7.5 kW models, in 120 VAC and 240 VAC single-phase and 240 VAC three-phase versions. They provide accurate control for R88M-G Servomotors available in 3000, 2000, 1500, 1000 rpm, with absolute and incremental encoders. Motor options include straight shaft, key tap shaft, brake and oil seal.

The R88D-GN and R88D-GT servo drives are available from stock. Combine them with R88M-G servo motors. Use CX-One software suite (fully IEC61131-3 and Vista compatible) to set up servodrive parameters and networking.
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