SPC Absorbent & Spill Control Catalog


Brady announces the release its new Brady SPC Absorbent & Spill Control Catalog. The 75-page catalog features Brady’s complete line of SPC spill containment and cleanup products, as well as more than 25 new products. It also includes easy-to-use product charts that explain the proper applications, durability, construction and cost for universal, oil-only, chemical and eco-friendly materials. “For more than 30 years, Brady SPC’s products have helped customers protect against leaks, drips and spills that create safety hazards. 

Our SPC Absorbent & Spill Control Catalog is an excellent resource for customers to improve OSHA compliance, avoid devastating non-compliance costs and increase workplace safety and productivity,” says Carlo Emanuele, global product manager for absorbents and spill control for Brady. 

In addition to Brady’s current line of spill control products, this catalog features a wide range of new spill containment and spill cleanup products, including:

  • High Visibility Safety Mats
  • Re-Form™ Pro Plus Universal Pads & Rolls
  • Wheeled Spill Kits
  • Mixed Application Spill Kits (with both universal and oil only absorbents) 
The catalog also includes useful cost-saving worksheets, guides for choosing spill control products, chemical application and spill procedure guides, product information and application photos, and best practices for storing and accessing sorbents.
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