Specialty Linear Motor Kits


Applimotion introduces custom micro-linear motors kits for specialty low profile applications. In single phase or multi-phase configurations, these units can function as limited travel actuators or linear motors. Driven by customer demand and new applications in scanning and imaging systems, Applimotion has expanded it linear motor range to cover this technology.

These air-core linear motors function with traditional servo drives and offer true- sinusoidal torque curves. The product seamlessly integrates with sinusoidal motor controller electronics to create fully controllable consistent force. Optional magnet track lengths are available.

Two initial models are available featuring low profiles below 0.5 inch total height (coil and track). The models cover 5 N/amp force constant and operate at up to 5 meter/sec on 24 volts.  Travel length up optional.

Another feature of these motors is low magnetic core losses. Slotless motors in general are optimum for high speed operation, above 10krpm. The frameless nature of these motors also allows them to easily be integrated into high speed spindles where they can operate with very low heating.


  • low profiles below 0.5 inch total height
  • 5 N/amp force constant
  • operate at up to 5 meter/sec on 24 volts
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