Spectroscopic Analyzers Can Monitor Any 2 Selected Parameters in Separate Measurement Ranges


CA-6 UV Family of Spectroscopic Analyzers can monitor any two selected parameters in separate measurement ranges for ammonia, nitrate or chemical oxygen demand (COD 254 nm). They provide a highly accurate, reliable and economical on-line sampling system that’s designed with UV absorption sensor technology to monitor harmful pollutant parameter levels. The CA-6 Analyzer’s sensors are available in multiple parameter measurement ranges: Ammonia from 0-10 mg/L or 0 to 1000 mg/L; Nitrate from 0-30 mg/L, 0-100 mg/L, or 0-250 mg/L and COD 254 nm from 0-200 mg/L or 0-20,000 mg/L.

Each model is easy to order with either a single parameter or dual parameters in the factory pre-calibrated measurement ranges.  Everything needed comes in one box ready to install and start-up.  A single technician can complete the installation process in 15 minutes by connecting the sample, waste and cleaning solution (reagent) lines and powering up the analyzer. Accessing the chosen factory pre-calibrated parameter data or customizing an analysis routine is easily done with user-friendly intuitive menus and a touch screen display.



  • measurement is extremely responsive, less than 10 sec
  • no reagents or calibration solutions are required
  • accuracy is 5% based on measurement of ammonia, nitrate, and COD
  • analyzer has four alarm relays
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