Spectrum Analyzers


Rigol DSA800 Series - DSA832E is a high-performance, economical, and compact 9-kHz to 3.2-GHz Spectrum Analyzer. A tracking generator function is available with the "-TG" model.


The rugged DSA832E has a broad set of features and specs, including a large 8-in. WVGA color LCD and intuitive front panel controls. Available options include a preamplifier for very small signals, a VSWR measurement toolkit for configuring and evaluating antennas, as well as an advanced measurement kit that enables additional functions such as channel boundaries and signal-to-noise ratio measurements.


Features include:

  • 10-Hz Minimum Resolution Bandwidth: with -148 dBm Displayed Average Noise Level (DANL) for low-level signal measurements
  • Zero Span Function: allows the signal envelope to be seen when demodulating an AM signal
  • Peak Table Function: readout of up to 10 peak Frequency/Amplitude values
  • Low Phase Noise: excellent single sideband phase noise allows nearby small signals to be accurately measured
  • Powerful PC Software: remotely control and setup, read back the data, perform measurements and data analysis; display powerful spectrograms and waterfall graphs
  • EMI Pre-compliance Test Software: quickly locate product problems, enabling them to pass subsequent formal EMC testing
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