Spherical Roller Bearings


A continuous caster line of Spherical Roller Bearings is specifically designed to increase uptime, lower production costs, and reduce environmental impact for slab, billet, and bloom continuous casting operations.


Continuous steel casting equipment operates for extended periods of time in extremely demanding conditions that include high temperature, high static loads and scale, dust, and water contamination. The roller bearings are engineered for excellent performance in these extreme environments and have been proven through rigorous testing in real-world steel mill applications.


  • Increased bearing life from heat treatment process and twice the wear resistance of standard bainite hardened bearings
  • Optimized lubrication with a larger grease reservoir and a unique internal bearing design
  • Easier mounting and dismounting with no “roller-drop”
  • Resistance to cracking through compressive subsurface to help prevent unplanned downtime
  • Full interchangeability with standard spherical roller bearings for easy upgrade or replacement
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