Spill Response Pool


The new Ultra-Pop Up Pool Plus is available in 150, 66 and 20 gallon sizes.  Simply unfold the Pool and open the Bladder Compartment — the Bladder will automatically expand/unfurl as the liquid level in the pool rises. Compact folded size stores efficiently inside spill kits, under/behind seats or in tool boxes.  

Opens and is ready to respond in seconds, minimizing spillage and exposure of hazardous material to the environment. Polyethylene construction provides excellent chemical resistance, including diesel fuel, antifreeze, acids, caustics and corrosives.  

Helps minimize environmental damage and related clean-up costs.  Excellent for response to damaged saddle tanks and cross-over lines, hazmat spills, leaking containers, machinery and piping. 


  • 150, 66 and 20 gallon sizes
  • compact folded size
  • polyethylene construction

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