A new model in the line of popular spiral-bottom round-bowl finishing machines from ALMCO, Inc., offers a unique full-circle baffle that keeps parts in the media mass constantly for faster, more precise processing and  a 24-cubic-foot tub that can accommodate large as well as small parts.

ALMCO’s new energy-efficient SBB design features labor-saving, automatic separation of parts from the abrasive media, at pre-determined intervals according to finishing requirements.  Its separating screen surface is longer than other round-bowl designs, which permits faster separation of parts and machine unloading.
    The SBB-24 can lift and move many different parts over the separating dam without jamming or hitting each other on the screen.  The tub, with a 1-inch-thick polyurethane lining that  protects parts, can also serve as a thru-feed or one-pass machine – adding to the unit’s versatility – when the dam is held in the up position.
    Key benefit of the spiral design is its up-hill tub bottom that provides a larger rolling
mass right to the screen area.  This allows larger parts to be lifted up the dam and over the
screening area.   Larger parts can be processed in the tub because of greater clearance between the screen and tub bottom.

Specifications of the SBB-24 include a 20-hp 1800 rpm motor, a 17.5-inch-diameter tub cross section, an overall diameter of 73 inches, and a machine height of 52 inches. Overall machine dimensions are 96 inches long, excluding the electrical control box, and 82 inches wide.

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