Split Bearings


 Triangle Manufacturing now offers wood and nylon split bearings designed for ease of accessibility when periodic maintenance, repairs or replacement are needed. Industrial machines with restricted access or complex and layered mechanisms can be very difficult to repair resulting in extensive equipment downtime, lost manufacturing time and wasted hours. Split bearings conveniently allow for access and reduce the need for disassembling complex machinery.  Triangle can provide bearings made of nylon or wood with standard and custom housings and mountings. 

These light duty, miniature bearings are used in various applications, including food processing and small automotive applications, such as forklifts. The nylon and wood bearings are ideal for humid, hygienic environments and are more tolerant of chemicals than their metal counterparts. Triangle provides split bearings in various sizes, with bores ranging from .379 to a .50 bore, that is ideal for light to heavy duty applications.  Some common applications of Triangle's split bearings are weaving machines, paper and packaging machinery, and light industrial machinery. 


  • light duty, miniature
  • various sizes
  • made of nylon or wood

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