Split Spools for Line-shaft Conveyors


New Split Spool for Line-shaft Conveyors quickly replaces standard, one-piece line-shaft spools.  Eliminates the need to disassemble the conveyor to replace spools.  Saves hours of labor and conveyor downtime.

Parts fit together precisely, so there are virtually no bumps or gaps that can abrade line-shaft belts.  High concentricity provides very efficient rotation, which reduces rolling resistance, thereby saving energy and extending drive belt life.  

Can be installed in two ways:
1.    Clutch action -- like standard spools.  Automatically slips when boxes jam or accumulate.  Prevents damage to drive belts.  Safety feature – also prevents injury to workers if hands or clothing get caught in belts or rollers.
2.    Locked to shaft with double-sided tape.  Provides positive drive on curves or merges.  Eliminates the need for expensive keyed shafts and keyed spools.

Alignment notches on one side allow installation by feel alone, so part can be quickly installed behind frames or guards -- even in the dark.  Tight snap-fit means no screws to tighten or lose.

Made from Delrin® 500P.   Operates at higher temperatures and wears longer than most other plastics.  Quiet operation -- will not squeak.  Reasonably priced.

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