Spot-r Radius Safety Wearable


Expanding the Spot-r suite of solutions, Spot-r Radius is a wearable solution that provides real-time preventative alerts and daily operational data insights, enabling companies to operate more safely and productively. The solution incorporates Triax’s Proximity Trace technology, providing device-to-device connectivity, which has helped keep workers safe through social distancing and contact tracing at more than 275 worksites during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Spot-r Radius, a self-deployable and lightweight wearable technology, provides key worker-to-worker, worker-to-location, and worker-to-equipment-based intelligence to deliver valuable insights into daily operations. In addition to real-time safety alerts that proactively notify workers before entering hazardous areas or no-go zones, Spot-r Radius automates headcount and hours for daily reporting and labor billing verification; tracks equipment use; identifies bottlenecks causing inefficiencies on-site; and supports social distancing and digital contact tracing, as needed. Analytics reports are automatically uploaded to the cloud at the end of each day to help organizations improve sitewide efficiency and measure workforce behavior and risk KPIs. 


Spot-r Radius is well-suited for all industrial worksites, including construction, energy, food processing, manufacturing, mining, and other industries looking to digitize their worksites, while supporting their back-to-work strategies. An intrinsically safe version of the product enables it to operate reliably in very hazardous work environments. Spot-r Radius, which is easy to deploy and use, has modest network and power requirements.


  • Designed for easy self-installation 
  • Automated daily reporting of headcount and hours
  • Worker-to-worker, worker-to-location, and worker-to-equipment alerts and interaction logs
  • Proactive worker safety alerts
  • No dependency on client Wi-Fi or existing IT infrastructure 
  • No GPS or location tracking
  • Wearables can be clipped to a shirt or safety vest or affixed to a hardhat
  • Asset tags can be assigned to static or mobile assets, as well as areas of interest
  • Rechargeable battery—months of use between charges
  • Intrinsic Safety rated
  • UL certified
  • IP 66/67 rated
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