SpotCheck Reel Estimator


The new Reel Estimator quickly and accurately determines part counts to within 5 percent for any surface mount part supplied on tape and reel... at a fraction of the cost of a benchtop counter.

According to Bill Hughes, President of Innoquest, “Up until now, users of tape and reel electronic components have had to ‘eyeball’ measurements or use costly and complex benchtop counters or scales. A bridge between the high-cost method of a benchtop counter and the low accuracy of visual estimates, the patent pending SpotCheck Reel Estimator makes it easy to acquire accurate counts for reel and tape parts. By entering four measurements from the Reel Estimator’s gauge plate, the work is done for you!”

Four Easy Steps!
The operator simply enters the OD value, the ID value, the number of holes per part and the thickness of the tape, then the part count is correctly displayed on the meter. A video indicating just how easy the procedure is can be found at
1) The OD value, or measurement of the outermost wrap of tape, is entered first.
2) The ID value, or measurement of the innermost wrap of tape on the hub of the reel, is entered.
3) The number of feed holes between the centers of two adjacent parts on the tape is entered.
4) Finally, the thickness of the tape is entered using the slots on the gauge plate for measurements on thin tape and the ruler on the edge of the gauge plate for measurements on thicker tape.

The SpotCheck works with both 7- and 13-inch reels. “In fact, it can handle virtually all tape thicknesses and part spacing or pitches,” Hughes said. “Plus, it can be used to count reels while they are mounted on a machine.”


  • part counts to within 5 percent
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