Spray Foam Insulation Reciprocating Saw Blade


 Eliminating the laborious use of hand saws or the need to carry single-use power tools, a new Spray Foam Insulation Reciprocating Saw Blade from Hyde Industrial Blade Solutions (IBS) is designed to assist in the swift and clean cutting of poly-based spray foams and fiberglass using a tool found on most job sites. Fitting into a standard reciprocating saw with a 1/2” tang, the new Spray Foam Insulation Reciprocating Saw Blade measures 19” in overall length with a long 16” cutting length. Made of high-carbon steel, the Spray Foam blade and its tang are hardened for long-life and improved operator safety when in use.

Engineered to cut and trim foam without gumming up the teeth on the blade or power tool itself, this double bevel, straight-edged blade is glazed with a polished finish during a proprietary production process to prevent sticking when cutting foam that has expanded into unwanted areas or when pre-cutting material in the field or bulk sheets or rolls in small production runs. Starting with a wide range of the highest grade alloy steels including powdered metals, Hyde employs proprietary processes in blanking, laser cutting, heat treating, grinding and polishing to ensure superior cutting performance of each individual blade. 


  • measures 19” in overall length
  • 16” cutting length

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