Spring-Engaged Brakes


Nexen Group introduces its new FMBS line of flange-mounted, spring-engaged safety brakes with high thermal capacity for NEMA C-Face motors and gear reducers to meet demanding high cycle palletizing material handling applications. With continuous thermal dissipation, these brakes are able to stop more kinetic energy without overheating.   Nexen FMBS brakes are available in two models that provide out-of-box torque from 1080 in-lbs to 1800 in-lbs and burnished torque from 1300 in-lbs up to 2160 in-lbs, with release pressures of 55 psi and 90 psi and a maximum pressure of 120 psi. Both models feature a top speed of 1800 rpms and zero backlash input.   

FMBS brakes mount to NEMA C-Face motors and feature a series of springs that push a “pressure plate” against the friction surface of the brake’s disc-hub, resulting in a thrust force on the disc-hub that produces enough torque to stop and hold the load. These brakes remain engaged until air pressure is applied to compress the springs and opens a gap at the interface.   Engineered for efficiency and durability, FMBS’s open-housing design and finned rotor remove heat generated at the brake’s friction interface, enabling higher torque and increased cycle rates to increase productivity and decrease downtime. Further, they include programming logic on deceleration to ensure that over-lap dynamic stopping occurs. FMBS brakes also have two bearings supporting the output shaft, which provides superior overhung load capacity for right-angle drive applications.


  • continuous thermal dissipation
  • able to stop more kinetic energy
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