Spring-Loaded Connectors Now in Thru-Hole Version


Through-hole version of 2-mm pitch spring-loaded connectors now complements the series' surface mount type. It is an appealing option combining both durability and space-saving tributes. For board-to-board or device-to-board connections with the additional security of through-hole mounting, these 2-mm connectors are a practical solution.


Through-hole SLC’s are offered in single row, Series 836-22-0XX-10-001101 and double row, Series 838-22-0XX-10-001101.  Standard availability is 2 to 50 positions for single row and 4 to 100 positions for the double row.  Both series are designed for manual placement into Ø .030±.003” plated through-holes in the circuit board prior to hand, wave, or reflow soldering.


Connectors feature:

  • spring pins with a working travel of 0.0275 in. (0,7mm) and a maximum travel of 0.055 in. (1,4mm)
  • Initial, uncompressed, height of the connectors from the board surface is 0.295 in. (7,5mm)
  • standard 2-mm pitch mating target connectors in through-hole and surface mount varieties, each with the option of a flat or concave face. 
  • when mated with through-hole target connectors, at mid-stroke, a board-to-board height of 0.425 in. (10,8 mm) is achieved; 0.408 in. (10,35 mm) with the SMT targets
  • solder tail diameter of 0.022 in. (,56mm) and a plunger diameter of 0.032 in. (,81mm) allow adequate space for laying out PCB holes, pads, and traces on both solder and mating sides of the connectors  
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