Spring Testing Automation Robots (STAR)


The STAR 25 gives operators the ability to test spring compression or extension with the same machine. It is available in a compression (short extension) model capable of handling up to 9-inch long parts and a compression/extension model capable of testing parts up to 29 inches long. It has a 3,000 lb drive and comes equipped with new load cells that have 2-inch thru-rod capability for increased testing accuracy on larger springs.  An optional extension bridge assembly increases the STAR 25’s extension range, making it possible to test springs 50 inches or longer.
With 18 smart interchangeable load cells to choose from, the STAR 25 gives operators extreme load cell flexibility. Programs are all password-protected, and Larson’s patented deflection compensation is built in.
Also available is an optional ½-inch to 2-inch thru-rod accessory kit that can be mounted on the STAR for quick and easy changeovers.


• Capacity • 2 lb • Resolution • 0.0001 lb • 0.001 lb • Standard Resolution • 0.0005 in • Accuracy (±) • 0.001 in • Accuracy = ± Resolution x 2 • Accuracy Options • 025-0000-0417-00 C High Resolution Length (0.0001 in Resolution) (9" stroke)
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