Sta-Kon® Comfort Crimp® Compression Tool


In a continuing effort to produce the safest, most ergonomically advanced tools on the market, Thomas & Betts recently redesigned the Sta-Kon® Comfort Crimp® Compression Tool.  An award-winning product, the redesigned tool requires 25 percent less handle force to complete a crimp than earlier versions and up to 75 percent less handle force than similar tools on the market.

Additional ergonomic features include special over-molded handles that naturally place the hands in a safe, strain-reducing position, while creating a soft cushion for both fingers and palms.  A new Crimp-Assist® foot stabilizes the tool when the user needs to place it on a work surface for additional leverage to crimp larger connectors. 
In addition, the patented Shure-Stake® mechanism ensures a complete crimp cycle is made before it will release to the open position.  The Sta-Kon tool also incorporates interchangeable dies with color-coded die nests for easy matching with Sta-Kon insulated terminals.
“T&B is committed to creating the best user experience possible in terms of comfort and strain reduction,” said Matt Willard, product manager with Thomas & Betts. “Equipment manufacturers, maintenance professionals and field technicians have come to trust and rely on the Sta-Kon compression tool for a safe, constant crimp every time.”
Sta-Kon Comfort Crimp Compression Tools are UL Listed for use with Sta-Kon connectors.  Similar Sta-Kon tools are available for terminals, flags, ferrules and disconnects ranging from 6-22AWG with both insulated and non-insulated jackets. 
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