Stack Lights/ Light Towers/ Strobe Lights for Emergency Warning Lights


Light tower, stack light, Xenon strobe light, or emergency warning light gets the message out

The E26 modular system of omni-directional emergency strobe light or other light indicators can inform your equipment operators of status and safety conditions you can't afford for them to miss. 


Features of the E26 series status/emergency warning light modules make assembly and wiring easy:

The E26 series is a modular light tower system. 

Choose from popular preassembled configurations for minimum hassle, or select from modular components for maximum flexibility. 

Five module colors, including alarm, LED warning lights, and Xenon strobe light units

You can build custom light towers up to 6 modules high

NOTE: A Xenon emergency strobe light unit occupies two module slots in the assembly. 

All electronic modules available in either 24 V or 120 VAC/ VDC 

There are solutions for a wide range of industrial control applications. 

"No tools assembly" 

Install in minutes with adjustments in seconds. 

Just squeeze the sides of any light module and you can quickly assemble or disassemble the stack. 

Save time with easy wiring. 

The base can be quickly wired through screw terminals. All electrical connections above the base are pin/ sleeve, requiring no tools.

If you need to add or remove a module, you can do it in seconds. 

Light modules have NEMA 4X outdoor rating 

You don't have to worry about wet conditions or washdown. 

UL/ CUL listed and CE marked 

Conforms to international standards.

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