Stackable Shaft Collars


Stafford Stackable Stainless Steel Collars feature two-piece construction with flats on two opposite surfaces that are drilled and tapped to allow attachment to each other along with a countersunk hole for mounting to a surface or a threaded rod.  Designed for securely holding shafts, tubing, and hoses, they can be easily adjusted and a cap version has a finished outside surface for the end of a stacking array.


Precision machined and non-marring, Stafford Stackable Stainless Steel Collars evenly distribute their clamping power to prevent crushing tubing or hoses and securely holding solid shafts. Featuring sizes from 1/8” to 6” I.D., they are ideal for applications where rigidity and the ability to compensate for misalignment or adjustability are necessary.

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