Stainless Steel Continuous Vertical Lift


Continuous vertical lifts resist rust and other corrosion with a stainless, easy-to-clean surface that makes the conveyor ideal for wet or outdoor applications such as those found in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, or processing applications where it needs to be cleaned regularly.


The vertical conveyor accepts loads horizontally, conveys them vertically, and discharges horizontally in a continuous non-stop operation with loading and unloading in a Z pattern. The lift can reverse direction–either up or down–as required. It features chain speeds up to 120 ft/min, and depending on the dimensions of the items being conveyed, can output up to 40 loads/min.


Each load is carried on a moving platform attached to continuous loops of chain. The unique platform carrier is rigid in the horizontal load-carrying position, yet flexible as it loops around the top and bottom sprockets as it returns to the load position. This design feature reduces the overall size of the lift.


Powered conveyors synchronized to the lift platform speed are used in loading and unloading and are designed for the specific product to be handled, using a roller, belt or chain. Six standard lift models are available, with unit load capacities ranging from 200 to 6,000 lb., and vertical travel up to 80 ft.


Model  Load Capacity
 4SC-60 200 lb.
 4SC-80 600 lb.
 4SC-100 1,000 lb.
 4SC-120 2,500 lb.
 4SC-160 4,000 lb.
 4SC-180 6,000 lb.
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