Stainless Steel Conveyor Line


mk North America is pleased to announce the release of its new CleanMove line of products. Acting as the latest in a long line of innovations from mk, CleanMove is a full sanitary stainless steel conveyor product line designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Born out of both necessity and request from mk's customer base, the stainless steel CleanMove line of conveyors both complete, and compliment, current conveyor offerings from mk. After careful development, mk released its first food grade conveyor into the marketplace in late 2012. Thanks to the presence of a senior engineer on staff with years of extensive food handling experience, the company was able to naturally transition into stainless steel conveyors for general use.

The CleanMove product catalog, which was released on the mk website on February 19, 2015, showcases all three sanitation levels in the CleanMove platform: Standard, Plus and Ultra. The catalog also showcases four different conveyor types and a complete line of accessories, belts and other motor options that customers can choose from depending on their needs. The catalog, which numbers at 101 pages in length, can currently be found in digital form on mk's official website.

The Standard, Plus and Ultra platforms in the CleanMove product line are listed in order from the lowest to highest levels of sanitation. The four different conveyor platforms that mk is offering as part of this release include a belt conveyor, a plastic modular belt conveyor, a flat top chain conveyor and a positive drive belt conveyor. The flat top chain conveyor is only available with the Standard and Plus class, while the positive drive belt conveyor is only available in the Ultra class.

mk has also recently made available an overview brochure for the CleanMove product line. This document was designed to present a detailed and concise listing for all CleanMove conveyors in one easy to navigate document for future reference. On April 10, 2015, the company also released a sales brochure for the same products. While the catalog is only available digitally from the company's website, the sales brochure can be obtained in the form of a hard copy for convenience.


  • Platforms: Standard, Plus and Ultra
  • Options: Belt conveyor, a plastic modular belt conveyor, a flat top chain conveyor and a positive drive belt conveyor

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