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Ft. Loramie, OH: Stainless steel electrode line, the 409 Series, adds three ferritic metal cored composite electrodes. Stabilized with both niobium and titanium, Select 409C is made for use with ferritic stainless sheet and thin-gage material. Select 409C-Cb suits applications where niobium stabilization is preferred over titanium. Select 409C-Ti joins stainless steels of similar composition, or joins them to carbon steels. Designed for welding catalytic converters and other exhaust system components, these electrodes offers smooth arc transfer with negligible spatter and, compared to solid wire, handles poor fit-up better with faster travel speeds. Select-Arc, Inc., (800) 341-5215


• Diameters: .045", .052", 1/16" • Shielding Gas: 98% Ar/2% O2, 35-50 Cfh • Welding Positions: Flat And Horizontal
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