Stainless Steel Internet Keyboard for Harsh Environments


InduKey® North America introduces the InduSteel2 next generation vandal-proof stainless steel Internet keyboard. This stainless steel keyboard has been specially developed for the Point-of-Interface (POI) market and for semi-supervised or unsupervised public access applications. The InduSteel2 range offers the combined benefits of robust construction and quality data input making it the ideal choice for kiosk manufacturers. Most Internet-based kiosks, such as web payphones, require keyboards. Clients, who use these facilities, are mostly web surfers and email users. The faster data entry speed of keyboards over touch screens means that keyboards will continue to be preferred for all kiosk types, especially the fast growing Internet-based kiosk segment. The InduSteel2 is ideal for such ‘hostile’ public service environments like information and multimedia terminal applications including libraries, shops and Internet kiosks. The InduSteel2 keyboard is suited for outdoor applications. It is sealed to IP65/Nema 4x standards, a silicon membrane between the keycaps and the silicon switching elements prevents any liquid or dust from getting into the keyboard. The InduSteel2 comes with a brushed stainless steel front plate and key caps to protect the internal electronics from vandalism and heavy impact. Keycaps are non-removable offering further protection. For user familiarity and to ensure ease of integration, this new InduSteel design is based on the popular standard kiosk keyboard layout and footprint including web and e-mail hotkeys. The InduSteel2 is available as keyboard only or with a 25-mm or 38-mm stainless steel trackball in PS/2 and USB versions. The trackball is sealed to IP65 static / IP54 dynamic or NEMA 3 standards. All legends are laser etched into the key caps, which guarantees high wear resistance and excellent durability. The InduSteel2 keyboard withstands high levels of shock and vibration with a service life of more than 10 millions operations per key.


• Number of Keys: 68 • Keyswitch Technology: silicone switching • element • Actuation Force/-Travel: 1 N / 1,5 mm • Keyswitch Lifetime: 10 mil. Operations • Protection Level: IP65; NEMA 4x • Mounting Type: panel mount • Dimensions: 375 x 125 x 33 mm; • 14.76 x 4.92” x 1.3” • Weight: 2000 g • Operating Temperature: -40 °C to 90 °C ; • -40 °F to +194 °F • Frontplate Material: stainless steel • Specification Trackball • Ball Diameter: 38 mm; 1,5“ • Actuation Force: 65 g • Protection Level: IP65 static; • NEMA 3; • IP54 dynamic
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