ACS Motion Control, an international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers, machine controllers and integrated control modules, has developed a cost-efficient, stand-alone motion controller that provides multi-axis control for simple and demanding applications. Designated SPiiPlus-LF, the small form factor, four axes motion controller features off-board extensions to provide up to 64 axes of control using a CANopen network. The SPiiPlus- LF is PLCopen compliant and, in addition to the ACSPL+ motion programming language, it can also be programmed in any of the five IEC61131-3 standard PLC languages. The SPiiPlus-LF provides fast, accurate motion using a high sampling rate of 20kHz on all axes. “The SPiiPlus-LF enhances the performance of OEM machinery that requires multi-axis synchronization at a lower cost by providing precise and smooth motion at a high resolution without compromising accuracy and throughput. It is ideal for OEMs that require a high-performance, low-cost board level solution,” said Evan Reed, Vice President at ACS Motion Control. “In addition, as a member of the SPiiPlus family of products, the LF is supported by ACS’ advanced SPiiPlus software tools.” The SPiiPlus-LF high-performance motion controller architecture uses the same distributed multi-processor architecture as the rest of the SPiiPlus Family. It can be board mounted or mounted on a DIN rail. The controller can be used with various drive types, such as piezo ceramic, direct drive rotary, linear motors, voice coils and low EMI linear amplifiers in applications including semiconductor manufacturing, wafer inspection, electronic assembly, printing and packaging. The SPiiPlus-LF motion controller supports a wide range of modes, including point-to-point, jog, segmented, master-slave and arbitrary path with PVT cubic interpolation. The SPiiPlus-LF features third-order profile generation with on-the-fly velocity, acceleration, jerk and target position changes. The position event generator (PEG) and position registration (MARK) capabilities, both with sub-microsecond delay, ensure accurate and precise control. In addition, optional on-board Sin-Cos encoder interpolation is available. ACS’ advanced SPiiPlus software is optimized for motion control applications and provides easy setup, tuning, programming and application simulation. The software enables the implementation of highly complex motion-time-event sequences with accurate positioning and timing.
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