Standalone Master Controller


ACS Motion Control has developed a standalone EtherCAT master controller that handles high-level machine control tasks. Designated the SPiiPlus NTM, the master controller is part of ACS’ expanded SPiiPlus EtherCAT family.The advanced EtherCAT master controller operates complex machine control tasks such as application programs, communication with the host PC or HMI, safety anderror handling, and multi-axis motion profile generation.

The SPiiPlus NTM can control up to 32 axes of fully synchronized motion, with all real time control tasks handled byslave drives.

Providing a small footprint and low cost, the SPiiPlus NTM controls thefollowing ACS slave modules to provide additional drive and I/O capabilities:

  • MC4Udc - up to 8 axis drive chassis for servo/stepper motors
  • UDMnt - up to 2 axis drive module for servo/stepper motors
  • SDMnt - up to 8 axis stepper drive module
  • PDMnt - up to 4 axis Pulse/Direction Interface module
  •  IOMnt - up to 32/32 digital I/O module
  • In addition, the SPiiPlus NTM controller can control any third party EtherCATdrive or I/O modules, which are qualified by ACS Motion Control“The SPiiPlus EtherCAT family of products offer advanced, high-level machinecontrol with a smaller footprint and smaller cost when compared to competing controlsolutions,” said Jason Goerges, sales and support manager at ACS Motion Control. “Ouruniversal drive technology provides a flexible solution for all motor topologies, furtherhelping to reduce costs, as users can run several axes from one drive module.”The SPiiPlus NTM is supported by the ACSPL+ motion programming languageand a set of software tools, such as the SPiiPlus MMI Application Studio and API forhost application development. These tools include a full PC-based controller simulatorthat greatly reduces the cost of ownership and time-to-market for OEMs, systemintegrators and end users.


  • control up to 32 axes
  • handles high-level machine control tasks
  • real time control tasks handled byslave drives
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