Standard & Heavy-Duty Pipe Clamps Dampen Hydraulic System Vibration


Brennan Industries Inc., a leading international supplier of hydraulic fittings, adapters and clamps, has introduced a new line of standard and heavy-duty clamps. Brennan clamps are available in steel and stainless steel and offer a unique, vibration-dampening four-rib design that prevents loosening of joints and welds. The standard-duty clamps are designed for average loading and light vibration applications such as machine and tool applications and instrumentation tubing.

The heavy-duty clamps are designed for heavier pipe and higher vibration applications such as trench layouts that are exposed to weather conditions. Heavy-duty clamps are available in weld-plate and channel-mounting designs. Both of the Brennan clamp styles are offered in other mounting forms for compact and efficient plumbing where the installation has multiple lines stacked vertically or horizontally. Standard-duty clamps are available for pipe sizes up to 2-inches outer diameter. The heavy-duty clamps with polypropylene bodies are available for pipe sizes up to 8-inches outer diameter.


  • standard and heavy-duty
  • sizes from 2 to 8-inch OD
  • steel, stainless steel, and polypropylene
  • reduce vibration to protect joints and welds
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