Standard Data Rate™ Cables


Samtec’s expanded Data Rate™ Cable assembly systems provide flexible high speed Cable-to-Board solutions on .5mm (.0197”) and .635mm (.025”) pitch (HBCD Series & MICD/SQCD Series) for single-ended applications using Samtec EyeSpeed™ micro coax cable.

MICD/SQCD Series cables are designed to mate with Samtec’s Q Series® high speed strip products and include an internal ground plane. The MICD Series mates with the mixed technology footprint MIS/MIT Series Q Strips® with the ground plane through-hole soldered. The SQCD Series mates with Samtec’s fully surface mount QTS/QSS Series Q Strips®. Performance is typically up to 1.2 Gbps for 12” (300mm) cable lengths and 450 MHz at one meter cable lengths.

Samtec HBCD Data Rate™ cables mate with Samtec’s BTH/BSH Series micro strips on .5mm (.0197”) pitch. These connectors are similar to Q Strips®, but without the internal ground plane. Typical performance is 2.4 Gbps for 12” (300mm) cables and 560 MHz for one meter long cables. Applications include test point probes and emulation connections. One hundred pin designs will mate with Agilent Logic Analyzer test points.

Pricing depends on cable length, cable type and number of contacts.


• Cable: 38 AWG coax micro ribbon Signal Routing: 50Ω Single-Ended • Overall Length: (152mm) 6" to (1m) 40" standard • Cable Flexing Life: >40,000 cycles • Cable Bending Radius: <2,5mm • Plating: Au over 50µ" (1,27µm) Ni • Current Rating: 300 millamp max • Propagation Delay: 4.5 nsec/meter • Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +105°C
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