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Arrow Fastener Company, LLC, the product line leader in manual and electronic staple and nail guns for the building trade professional and doit-yourself markets, announced today the introduction of its new product line called R.E.D.™ to signify its key features which are, “Reliable. Ergonomic. Durable.”

The new R.E.D.™ product line includes a major evolution of the company’s T50® heavy dutystaple gun, the world’s best selling staple gun, which will now also be available as the T50R.E.D.™ staple gun. The other products in the new R.E.D.™line include the ET50 R.E.D.™ electric staple gun, the HT50i R.E.D.™ hammer tacker and theEBN320 R.E.D.™ electric brad nail gun.The T50 R.E.D.™ professional manual staple gun and 1” brad nail gun features U.S. patenteddrive technology that enables the user to set a staple or nail right on virtually any surface. Italso offers up to 40 percent more power than selective competitive products on the market,which makes it more versatile on the job site. Professionals and DIYers alike will reallyappreciate that the T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun is 50 percent easier to squeeze than the T50®staple gun, which results in much less fatigue so you can keep working longer. It’s also the onlymanual tacker capable of firing a 1” brad nail. The T50 R.E.D.™ staple gun complements theclassic T50® staple gun, which will remain available in stores nationwide.“We’re very excited about the new R.E.D.™ product line which is a big step forward in productdesign for the staple and nail gun category,” said Gary DuBoff, president of Arrow Fastener.“It’s also a very professional looking product line with a sleek, black and red design, whichshould help it jump off store shelves when our customers get a look at it.”

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