Static-Dissipative Bubble Film combines package cushioning, corrosion protection


Cor-Pak VpCI Static Dissipative Bubble Film is suitable for various packaging applications—from surface protection and interleaving up to creation of protective cushions and empty space packing.

Using Nano-VpCI technology, the bubbles safeguard a variety of metals, including  carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, silver, and stainless steel without leaving residue on packaged items. Foil consists of microlayers while the middle layer has a special nano-barrier that prevents air leakage even during prolonged foil load.


Advantages of bubble foil:

  • significant decrease of packaging costs
  • high load resistance
  • high strength and flexibility
  • simple to use
  • environmentally friendly
  • protects against triboelectric charge generation, making them excellent packaging solution for electronic components
  • easily reusable
  • scratch protection
  • packaging  of furniture, porcelain, glassware, electronic components and spare parts
  • Provides multi-metal protection through Patented VpCI® Technology - VpCI® vapor does not interfere with subsequent processing (i.e. painting, welding, cleaning, soldering, etc.)
  • Has no adverse effects on plastic (lexane), optics elastomers, and other non-metallics
  • low weight and available in custom size rolls, custom size rolls, sheeting or heat sealable bags.
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