Nilfisk-Advance America, a leading industrial vacuum manufacturer, announces the availability of the Nilfisk GWD 120 and Nilfisk GWD 220 wet/dry industrial vacuums. These affordable and durable vacuums add convenience into the maintenance plans of a variety of industrial plants, because employees can easily collect both wet and dry materials without having to stop to change out filters, helping save time and money. Designed for heavy-duty use, The GWD 120 comes equipped with a single motor, while the GWD 220 has two for extra power. The high-powered bypass motors provide excellent performance, while maintaining low noise levels. An ergonomic “tip and pour” tank system also allows users to easily dispose of collected liquids. Other features and benefits include:Innovative float valve shuts off airflow when container is full ;Easy access to float basket and filters for cleaning and maintenance.Adjustable handle for easy storage and use 50-foot yellow safety cord The GWD 120 and 220 industrial vacuum packages come standard with a set of 38mm accessories. An upstream HEPA filter is also available for hazardous material pick-up (for wet collection, additional accessories are required)


* Voltage @ 60 Hz 120 volts * Watts 1350/1800 * Waterlift, max. 88/80 inches H20 * Airflow, max. 89/220 cfm * Filter area, main 350 sq. inches * Noise level @ 1 meter 64/66 dB(A) * Tank capacity, max. 20 gallons * Machine inlet 1.5 inches * GWD 120 Dimensions 25.2 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches * GWD 220 Dimensions 25.2 x 23.6 x 39.4 inches * Weight 48.5/50.7 lbs. * Cord length 50 ft.

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