Stock Pulleys and Custom-Made Pulleys with Quick Delivery


BRECOflex offers the fastest lead-time in the industry for custom pulleys. Made-to-order pulleys are manufactured to your exact design specifications and will ship in eight days or less. Stock pulleys come in a wide range of pitches and tooth number for any application. Stock pulleys are made of aluminum and most are available for immediate delivery. If your application requires a different material, anodized aluminum, steel, stainless steel and Delrin are also available. BRECOflex guarantees perfect meshing of timing belt and pulley when our products are used together.



  • Stock pulleys with pilot bores available for immediate delivery
  • Made-to-order pulleys are available with normal backlash tooth gap, reduced backlash “SE” and zero backlash “0”
  • Prototyping, short runs and large production runs
  • Perfect meshing of timing belt and pulley
  • Pulleys available in Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel and Delrin
  • Custom modifications include several types flanges, TL bushing bore, hubs, mounting holes, set screws, threaded holes for QD bushings, keyways, snap ring groove, counter bore, lightening holes, bolt holes, self-tracking grooves. Submit your specs and drawings for a quote.
  • Surface finishes for aluminum pulleys include anodized and hard anodized. Steel pulley finishes include black oxide, zinc-plated, chromate and nickel-plated.
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