STR3 Mini Stepper Drive Fits in Tight Spaces


STR3 miniature step motor drive from Applied Motion Products solves two problems in one. It addresses the problem of slow step motors that vibrate too much, and it addresses space-constrained applications where bulkier drives just won’t fit. The STR3 utilizes a proprietary current control algorithm that optimizes motor performance, providing smooth motion over a wide speed range. Its extremely compact design means it’s possible to mount the drive just about anywhere, such as directly on the machine frame or tucked into small spaces between other components.



  • accepts industry-standard digital control signals (pulse & direction)
  • teams with wide range of embedded and discrete controllers
  • easily configured using DIP switches
  • no software needed for setup
  • powered by 12 to 48 v dc
  • capable of providing up to 3.0 amp/phase
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