Studio 5000 View Designer Software


Version 7 of the Studio 5000 View Designer software has an updated design environment for the PanelView 5000 family of operator terminals to improve how production workers do their jobs.


The software now includes an alarm history viewer that stores and provides access to up to 40,000 alarm transitions. This can help operators and technicians more quickly identify the root cause of problems like shutdowns. Workers can sort and filter alarm data and open a details pane to see more information about individual alarms. They can also export an alarm history to an SD card or USB drive for external analysis.


New configurable screen update rates allow screens and pop-ups to be configured to update as often as every 100 ms—5x faster than was previously possible. This can help operators better know if machine movements are following expected motion profiles. It can also create a smoother movement of on-screen animations like rotating fans.


The latest version of the software also includes a larger keypad and keyboard option. This can create easier and more efficient touch interactions for operators, especially those who wear gloves.

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