Nidec Copal has developed a new family of sub-miniature step motors with the LPD4 (4mm) and LPD5 (5mm) representing the smaller of the four member step motor family.

The Nidec Copal model LPD4 is a 0.157” (4mm) OD by 0.32” (8.15mm) axial length step motor rated at 3 volts dc input.  The 22.5 degree per step motor develops a holding torque of 0.023 ounce-inches.  Maximum pull in speed is 1600 pulses-per-second (pps).  Maximum pull out speed is 3000 pulses-per-second.

The larger LPD5 model is a 0.197” (5mm) OD by 0.165” (4.2mm) axial length furnishing 0.01 ounce-inches of pull in torque over a wide speed range up to 2000 pps.  Input voltage is 4.3 vdc and the LPD5 step angle is 18 degrees per step.

Typical applications include miniature medical pumps, fiber optic actuators, camera focus drives, etc.

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