Successful Business Process Management


Companies--especially more complex organizations--require standard, documented processes and procedures to achieve high levels of quality and productivity. Too few, and inefficiency ensues; too many, and creativity is stifled.

Yet it can be difficult to find training on process improvement--and the range of complicated tools available could make even the most experienced professional's head spin. Successful Business Process Management fills the gap, providing a succinct, accessible overview of the field.

 Process management serves as a structural framework for streamlining activities and creating smooth workflows. Get it right--neither overly rigid nor under developed--and an outflow of continuous improvements will drive long-term success.     



Step-by-step instructions explain how to:

● Overcome resistance and apathy to standard procedures

● Take a systematic rather than ad hoc approach to process management

● Design key processes and capture them in documented procedures

● Revise existing processes when feasible

● Roll out the changes so people know what to do

● Embed them in the organization for reliable outcomes     

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