Suction Cups Don't Deform Material


Gripping composite materials with suction cups poses the difficulty of marking uncooked material. Developed through partnerships with the composite material industry, the VPSC suction cups are dedicated to the handling of raw composite.


Their ultra-flat profile and innovative system of vacuum distribution across the surface of the cups provide optimized gripping with no mark and no deformation. The extra thin sealing lip contours to the product shape without restriction.


The specific characteristics of these suction cups enable its use in aeronautic and other fields such as cheese handling or other fragile, easily deformed products.


VPSC suction cups are available in 2 diameters (Ø 40 to 80 mm) and are equipped with a G1/4"- Female pressed aluminum fitting.


The VPSC cups are available in two materials to meet all the applications:

  • Polyurethane 60 Shore A (PU), high resistance to hydrocarbons and high durability.
  • Blue Silicone 50 Shore A (SIBL5), food compliance. FDA and CE standards.
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