SumpDoc Brochure


 Eriez HydroFlow announces the availability of a new brochure featuring the revolutionary SumpDoc portable inline fluid reclamation machine. The brochure is available free from Eriez in both electronic and hard copy format. According to the brochure, SumpDoc provides inline coolant filtration and replenishment without shutting down the machine tool. It’s a faster, easier and more economical method for maintaining cutting fluids today. With SumpDoc, there is no draining of tanks, lost production time, wasted labor, moving hundreds of gallons of new and old fluids around the shop, disposing of valuable/ recyclable coolants or high coolant bills. 

The six-page brochure explains that the fully-automated SumpDoc filters dirty sump coolant in a three-phase process. The first phase is vacuuming out chips and sludge at a rate of 85 GPM (50 microns), then filtering fine solid particulate to three to five microns and removing tramp oils to 0.5 percent at flow rates of 90 to 120 gallons per hour. Once clean, the coolant is analyzed and the SumpDoc is set to deliver a lean, medium or rich new coolant mix back to the sump. Depending on the regularity of cleaning, a 200-gallon sump could be processed in about two hours. The unit is mounted on a battery powered pallet jack for exceptional maneuverability, and has onboard hook-ups and extensions to receive compressed air, plant water and 120-volt, single phase electric. SumpDoc also features easy-to-use touch screen controls for operators’ convenience. The brochure includes an array of photos, offering various views of the machine and its many features. It also lists full specifications, including dimensions and ratings. 

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