Super Blast Safety Air Guns


EXAIR Super Blast Safety Air Guns have always provided high quality performance for your blowoff, drying or cleaning needs. Now, they are available with 3 foot and 6 foot extension pipes. These CE compliant Super Blast Safety Air Guns with Extension Pipes provide strong blowing force to clean large areas quickly and the extensions allow you to reach areas not easily accessible. Extension Pipes give you a safer way to blow off those hard to reach areas, while allowing you to stay compliant with OSHA noise (29 CFR 1910.95(a)) and dead-end (29 CFR 1910.242(b)) regulations. 

Supplying compressed air closer to the affected area can decrease air consumption and increase results; adding an extension can reduce excessive bending and reaching.EXAIR$B!G(Bs Super Blast Safety Air Guns use engineered air nozzles for high performance – designed to maximize entrainment of room air while minimizing compressed air consumption. Super Blast Safety Air Guns range in force from 4.5 to 23 pounds (force measured 12$B!m(B from target at 80 PSIG (5.5 BAR)). Combining that force with the added benefit of being able to reach tight machinery spaces makes the Super Blast Safety Air Gun a great tool for wide area blowoff, cooling and drying.  Prices start at $262.


  • 3 foot and 6 foot extension pipes
  • clean large areas quickly
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