Super Slim Safety Light Curtains Offer Heavy-Duty Protection


The new SL-V Safety Light Curtain incorporates highly-visible indicators to facilitate set-up and to easily see the current operating status. The tough, slim body is space saving, and it conforms to
 IP-65 and IP-67 rating standards which allow the sensor to work well in harsh environments. The world’s first edge-to-edge mounting and side-exit cabling allow the curtain to fit perfectly into equipment, with the cabling tucked neatly away from danger.

Operators can immediately determine whether the curtain is active. This prevents situations where the beam is accidentally blocked. The easy-to-see indicators emit green lights when the beam axes are properly aligned, facilitating set-up. To make troubleshooting easier than ever, red lights indicate the location of a curtain blockage if the beam axes become misaligned, dirty, or blocked.

Edge-to-edge detection and side exit cabling enable space-saving mounting, and no dead zone. Conventional models need to be mounted externally, or require special custom guards to protect the dead zone at the bottom of the light curtain. Standard, Thin, L-Shaped, E-to-E, Tough Standard, and Space Saving brackets are available. Up to 3 curtains (or 240 beams max) can be connected in series. Curtain lengths range from 150mm to 2390mm (94.09”) up to 3 total or 240 beams. The SL-V includes an automatic interference reduction function to stabilize operations without the requirement for special wiring.

The heavy duty SL-V can be used in environments where work pieces often strike the unit. The aluminum framed brackets ensure that there is no damage from shock, and the optical axes do not become misaligned if struck by an object. An optional water-proof front protection cover protects the front of the sensor from stains and splatter. The clear lens cover is recessed for added protection.
An All-In-One built-in controller saves costs on additional units that would be required for conventional light curtains. The SL-V has a built-in external device monitoring function, enabling Category 4 devices to be handled without a safety relay unit. It also has built-in muting and interlock functions, so that a safety control circuit can be constructed without a dedicated controller.


• Visible/Identifiable Indicator [NEW] • Edge-to-edge Detection Zone • State Information Output [NEW] • Tough, Water-proof Model (SL-VFM/SL-VHM Series) • All-In-One - Built-in Controller • NEW: Type4 Quick Connect Safety Relay Terminal
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