Super Wide and Flat Aluminum Extrusion Table Plates Easily Customize Automation Application Systems


A new line of aluminum extrusion table plates from Techno, Inc., available in 1, 2, or 3 meter lengths and widths that range from 75mm up to 375mm, makes fixturing easy and removes the need to drill and tap. Because of their unique T-slot design, you have more space to change new to setups. The T-slots run the length of each table plate and can be used with a variety of competitor profiles and extrusions. Sales manager, Joseph Griffin says, "Our aluminum table plates are going to provide a large, flat, yet rigid, work platform for machine builders and OEM's of laboratory equipment. Aluminum is easy to machine and the T-slot design can be used to clamp parts in position and allow the extrusions to be joined together making solid table surfaces of any width." These unique products are ideal for test stands, flexible manufacturing cells, lab equipment, and transfer lines. All table plates are constructed from clear anodized extruded aluminum with T-slots on 25 and 50mm centers, ensuring flexible tooling and quick changeover. They have both a flatness and maximum twist of 0.5mm/meter and can be ordered with T-slots on both sides of the extrusion, customizing any automation application.
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