SUPERSEAL Pro Two Position Connectors


The commercial vehicle market is requiring manufacturers to extend the capabilities of commercial vehicle solutions to include greater efficiency and performance, especially in the area of sealed inline connectors for lower vibration chassis applications. In response to this trend, TE Connectivity (TE) has launched its next-generation inline connector for commercial vehicles: SUPERSEAL pro 2-position sealed connector for inline applications.


SUPERSEAL pro connectors are lightweight, suitable for wire-to-wire and wire-to-device applications. They are a reliable and cost-effective solution for commercial-vehicle owners and may be used in sensors, lights, gauges, actuators, switches, solenoids, and various wiring scenarios on the chassis. 


SUPERSEAL pro connectors provide a number of benefits: 17A-current-carrying capacity and vibration resistance in compliance with USCAR v2; improved terminal retention and proper positioning with Terminal Position Assurance (TPA); easier assembly because of their pre-assembled, color-coded options; sealing levels of IP67/IP68/IP6K9K (with backshell) with enhanced seal retention features; and better flammability protection given the UL 94-V0 material used.


  • Design with proven MCON 1.2 SWS terminal offering a 17A current carrying capacity and vibration resistance in compliance with USCAR V2.
  • Achieve sealing levels of IP67/IP68/IP6K9K (with back shell) with enhanced seal retention features.
  • Improve flammability rating with UL 94 V0 PBT material.
  • Improve terminal retention and ensure proper position with standard Terminal Position Assurance (TPA).
  • Ease assembly with pre-assembled, color-coded TPA options.
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