SuperVac Gale Force Sweeper


Schwarze Industries, the premier manufacturer of parking lot, street sweepers and road patching equipment, today introduced an enhanced version of its SuperVac Gale Force sweeper. The new design combines the functionality and performance elements contractors of all experience levels are looking for with the design and attention to detail that contractors need to attract and retain customers.

The Gale Force comes in two configurations: A Diesel Chassis with a 132” wheelbase for reduced wear on tires, allows for a dual broom option and makes room for up to 175 gallons of water. Gas Chassis with a 109-in. wheelbase for increased maneuverability, can be fitted with a dual broom option and can carry up to 110 gallons of water.


Redesigned SuperVac Gale Force builds on the Schwarze portfolio of parking lot sweeper products, and includes: 

  • 67.6 hp at 2,500 rpm Yanmar Tier 4 Final engine (4TNV98C-NYEM)
  • Electronic throttle (Rocker switch replaces bulky lever)
  • Gauges with trouble code display
  • Dump height over 6 feet (77”)
  • Heavy chain intake baffle (Slows debris as it enters hopper)
  • High capacity hopper intake screen
  • Separate dump and screen cleanout doors (With optimal door seals on a flat door face)
  • Screen cleanout door fitted with a lever to open and prop door from ground level
  • Dump door has dual hydraulic cylinders with sequence and pressure reducing valves
  • Adjustable dump door hinges (Always a perfect and even fit of the door)
  • Built-in dual rear hopper strobe lights
  • C12 stainless steel standard, with a discounted carbon steel option
  • And an optional shroud with sound attenuating foam inner liner
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