SURE SIZE™ Sheeter


AZCO Corp. introduces a new generation of simple to operate sheeting equipment that can fit in any type of converting or material handling environment.

The AZCO SURE SIZE™ Sheeter is easy to use and reliable.  It is ideal for film, foil, paper, non-woven, laminate, composite or any other flexible material. The sheeter is modular in design so the machine is ideal for all needs.  It comes with an unwind with an optional edge guide, a cut-to-length assembly with an optional slitter, and a take-away conveyor.

The motorized unwind stand is simple to use.  Material is placed onto the shaft which can be a simple shaft with core adaptors, or an air shaft which will secure the material to the roll.
The SURE-SIZE™ Cut-to-Length unit cuts the material.  This cut-to-length assembly has heavy duty rollers and bearings as well as a servo-motor drive for precision cutting accuracy on materials up to 1000mm/39.4 in. wide.  The fed material will be indexed to a predetermined length.  Upon exiting the cutting unit, the material will be moved by a takeaway conveyor.  

Fairfield, NJ- based AZCO has specialized in the feeding and cutting of flexible materials for more than 25 years.  This unique focus gives customers the benefit of targeted expertise, skills, and resources.  Standard units can be modified to provide custom solutions.  AZCO equipment provides the reliability and simple to use products necessary for the productive converting and packaging environment.


  • can fit in any type of converting or material handling environment
  • modular in design
  • motorized unwind stand is simple to use
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