Surface Measurement Tester


AMETEK Taylor Hobson has broadened its comprehensive range of surface measurement testers with the Surtronic Duo portable surface roughness tester for shop floor and on-site measurement of multiple roughness parameters

The Surtronic Duo uses a long-wearing diamond stylus that is drawn across a part with a precision motorized traverse mechanism. Vertical movement of the stylus is detected by a piezo-electric pickup that converts mechanical movement into electrical signals. The signals are digitized and sent to a microprocessor for instant calculation of surface parameters.

Simple one-button operation produces a full set of traceable measurement results including a detailed profile graph. Display and traverse modules can be operated as one unit or separated for difficult access applications; Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless communication between them. The instrument is suitable for incoming and pre-shipment inspections, manufacturing process control and wear monitoring during product use.

With a continuum of capabilities from the Surtronic series to Intra Touch and higher precision instruments, AMETEK Taylor Hobson offers users the capability to meet all surface measurement requirements at appropriate budget levels.



  • Surtronic R-Series roundness and form tester for bearing parts
  • Surtronic S-100 portable roughness tester with extensive USB connectivity
  • Tablet-based Talyprofile software allows uniform reporting of results from all of Taylor Hobson's surface measurement instruments

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